Yoga 42 - Meet Steph Armijo

Steph Armijo is the founder of Yoga 42, a yoga studio specializing in yoga instruction for professional athletes. Steph and Ben, her husband, has done some fascinating work on the intersection of yoga and motion analysis. Steph recenlty collaborated with us, bringing some of her athlete-focused classes to Yoganotch. We figured the best way to announce our collaboration would be to publish our conversation with Steph about yoga, technology their bright future.


Yoga For Weight Loss

Discussion of self-restraint and self-control in Vedic and Upanishadic texts of Hinduism laid the foundation of ascetic lifestyle in yoga. There is no surprise that an ascetic extreme caloric deficit may lead to an extreme loss in bodyweight.


Yoga For Balance

The idea of balance is one of the first things that comes to mind when mentioning up yoga. Yoga balance poses are also some of the most iconic ones. Tree pose, Eagle pose, or Crane pose.


Mental Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is universally seen as the fast-track to emotional well-being and stability. It is also one of the prime examples when evidence-based research consistently sided with the popular perception of yoga. The amount of research on yoga and mental health grows as fast as the number of YouTube yoga videos.


How to pick the best yoga app?

Check out this guide if you are looking for the best yoga app with the beginner yoga routine, the best free yoga app with free yoga classes, or an app that can help you and your best friend set up a two-person yoga challenge.


Why did yoga become so popular?

This is the first in the series of stories about the world of yoga, brought to you by Yoganotch, the smart yoga assistant that gives live feedback on asana form when you practice alone. Yoganotch app is free on the App Store and can be paired with Yoganotch motion sensors for technique analysis and feedback.

WOW Women Of Wearables

WOW Women In Health Tech

Eszter Ozsvald is the founder and CTO of Notch, a motion-tech company based in New York and Budapest. Notch serves as a platform for developers, researchers and entrepreneurs to understand and analyze human motion, and build products and apps to either help improve health-related (e.g. gait analysis in Parkinson’s) or sports-specific physical fitness (e.g. golf coaching tool). Their latest initiative, Yoganotch, offers yoga practitioners a personal yoga assistant by providing live personalized advice.


Yoganotch - Meet the Founder

Eszter Ozsvald is the technical founder of Yoganotch an innovative tech company offering yoga practitioners a personal yoga assistant by providing live personalized advice. The app she spearheaded provides real-time feedback on yoga poses and also allows access to classes taught by professional teachers. It all began for her in the pool when she was developing into a competitive swimmer.

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