How to pick the best yoga app?

Check out this guide if you are looking for the best yoga app with the beginner yoga routine, the best free yoga app with free yoga classes, or an app that can help you and your best friend set up a two-person yoga challenge.

For the majority of yoga practitioners home yoga is the best yoga. In 2019 more than half (67%) of people who practice yoga, did it at home. There are many ways to set up a yoga corner (or room, or yard) at your place. Today we will look at the best yoga apps that can help with your yoga flow and growth. As one of the most innovative self-improvement systems yoga became a perfect match for personal technology. Can you guess how many yoga apps are there? Over 11000 yoga apps just in the Apple App store!

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Over 11000 yoga apps just in the Apple App store

How do you pick the best yoga app?

Let’s take a look at the features that are the most important.

  • Accessible / Easy to use. At times yoga may be challenging, but user interfaces should not be. Interacting with a yoga app should be as delightful as touching your favorite yoga mat.
  • Aesthetics. Yoga app design can say a lot about its value as a yoga companion. Yoga app is your virtual yoga space, so it needs harmony just as much.
  • Engaging. A good yoga app should be able to keep you engaged way beyond just a couple of practices. Glo for example provides access to a library of online yoga classes from world-class teachers. Some apps become the extension of your favorite yoga clothing brand like Alo. At Yoganotch we are giving you an opportunity to observe your progress after every practice, on a per-asana level.
  • Affordable. Yoga apps prices range from $39 (Peloton, comes with other classes) to $18 (Glo) to $7 (Downdog) or even less. Many apps offer trials with free yoga classes. At Yoganotch we made all of our yoga app free. You can practice any Yoganotch class, from yoga for beginners to advanced sequences without ever paying subscription.
  • Interactivity. Doing your daily yoga routine to the same narration from youtube channel can become stale. Many yoga can offer more than just online yoga classes. Downdog app can algorithmically generate thousands of unique classes based on asanas. Yoganotch is the first smart yoga app with guided yoga and guided meditation classes. Using real-time voice feedback it helps you keep improving even when you practice all by yourself.

Our top recommendations

  • Variety of classes: Glo. ($18/mo) Meditate 15 minutes every day. If you don’t have 15 minutes, meditate 20. Glo has a variety of 15, 20, 30, or 60-minute yoga and meditation classes. With some of the best yoga teachers and amazing design, Glo has one of the most devoted following among yoga app practitioners.
  • Number of classes: Downdog ($7/mo) takes a different approach to at-home yoga. This app uses algorithms to create new classes from yoga asanas, giving you a near-endless number of sequences.
  • Learning yoga: Yoganotch (FREE) If your goal is to learn the intricacies of yoga postures and better understand your body, this is the best yoga app for you. Pair Yoganotch with Notch motion sensors for real-time advice on your posture and detailed analysis of your yoga workout after the practice.
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Yoganotch App

This is the first in the series of posts about yoga tech where we share what we have discovered when developing Yoganotch — the world’s first smart yoga app.

What is your favorite app? Please reach out and share your thoughts with us. We would love to connect with like-minded yogis.

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